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SOLA Stafette 2017

May 6, 2017

Sola is the biggest Uni-sponsored sports event in Switzerland. Every year a max of 1000 teams of 14 people each run ~115 km (2645m altitude diff) all around Zurich. The 14 legs of the race are between 3.71 and 13.92 km long, some hilly, some flat. Two are reserved only for women. This year we’ve signed up for 2 teams, so we need 28 Hashers to run for us!

The entry fee is 30 CHF per person. Hash will take care of the remainder, post-run beer delivery for each r*nner and the Circle afterword.

To sign up for a spot on the team, please click here: Sola Rego

To sign up for circle, please RSVP on meetup as usual.

Swiss Nash Hash 2017

Because its never too late to.. yes, it there is a too late to sign up for Swiss Nash Hash, so nice and early, here is the info:

The Basics

Who’s hosting: Basel H3

Where:  Bernau im Schwarzwald

When: September 15-17 2017

See the website above for details.

Zurich Hash House Harriers: Winterfest 2017!!!

Winterfest 2017 Flyer


03 – 05 February 2017, in Madetswil (Zürich)


The time has come again for the Zurich Hash House Harriers to fully embrace the winter, and we invite Hashers from all over to come join us and keep our bodies warm at night for a full weekend hash in the midst of winter! There will be snow (maybe), there will be beer (definitely) and there will be trails, madness, late night parties, early morning regrets and another weekend to never forget!

What will you get out of this? For one, a roof over your head for an entire weekend. We will be staying at the Pfadiheim Bläsimühle in Madetswil (pics, slideshows, german mumbo jumbo under: ). For two, food, drinks and parties will be provided throughout the weekend. For three, Winterfest Haberdashery! For four, wait, what else do you need???


Enticed? Fancies have been tickled? Wanting to sign up right away? Not caring about cost? Oh, yes, for a measly CHF 180.00 you too can enjoy this weekend, but do not wait, spots are limited, and pricing goes up as the day of reckoning approaches. Consult the informative table below for pricing information:

Early Bird CHF 150.00 Sign up by Dec. 10, 2016
Regular Bird CHF 165.00 Sign up by Jan. 12, 2017
Burned Bird CHF 180.00 Sign up by Jan. 30, 2017

Sign up under: ZH3 Winterfest 2017 Signup form

Regos count as soon as Payment is received. The deadlines for the different Prices are based on the receipt of the payment, not the day of the signup!


So come out of your cozy corners and join us in Wintery festivities!


Your ZH3 Winterfest 2017 Team!


Who be cumming?

Name Kennel Status
1 MeMe Zurich H3 Paid
2 Slippery Digit Zurich H3 Paid
3 Squatty Potty Zurich H3 Paid
4 Wet & Ready Zurich H3 Paid
5 Arry Trotter Zurich H3 Paid
6 Christian Harlot Zurich H3 Paid
7 You say Penis, I say Potawto Sembach H3 Paid
8 Ice Footsie Zurich H3 Paid
9 Tranny Vancouver Zurich H3 Paid
10 Bubbles D.R.I.F.T.E.R. H3 Paid
11  Asphalt Liquor Zurich H3 Paid
12 Papacaca Zurich H3 Paid
13 Bend over Barbie Stuttgart Paid
14 Slot Machine C.R.A.P. H3 Paid
15  Tall Balls Zurich H3 Paid
16  Weapon of Ass Destruction Zurich H3 Paid
17 Sticky Fingers Zurich H3 Paid
18  T.T. Zurich H3 Paid
19 Climbidia Zurich H3 Paid
20 Out of Africa Basel H3 Paid
21 MerylStrip Basel H3 Paid
22  Smockin Cock Zurich H3 Paid
23 Just Crinchy Zurich H3 Paid
24  Stogie Gibberish Zurich H3 Paid
25 Two Handed Hum Tucker Stuttgart H3 Paid
26 Just Nick Zurich H3 Paid
27 TailGate Bern H3 / BerZuBa H3 Paid
28  Groin Biter DIVAHHH Paid
29  Just Mei Zurich H3 Paid
30  Just Ryan Sembach H3 Paid
31 David Cop a Feel Zurich H3
32 Just Nick Zurich H3 Paid
33 Just Caroline Zurich H3 Paid
34 Just Patrick Stuttgart H3 Paid

Thanksgiving Hash

ZH3 Hash #1001

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Regular 5 CHF hash cash for the run,  20 CHF for Thanksgiving dinner (5 CHF for kids).

Location: the new American Women’s Club of Zurich location, Hoschgasse 38, Zuerich.

To pay online:

Zurich Hash House Harriers

Migros Bank AG

8010 Zuerich

Konto: 80-533-6

IBAN:  7408401000051991179

More info to come.



Bierathlon 2016


Its that time of year again…. Swiss winter! Those dreadful months between September and June when the sun don’t shine and we go run in the dark. But that also means a Hashy holiday tradition: Zurich’s Bierathlon and Cuepli-Lauf.

All of the official information can be found here. All the Hashy Information can be found on our Meetup: here

Who’s cumin?


Team Hasher Hasher
1 – Cuepli Christian Harlot Wet&Ready
2 – Beer Asphalt Liquor PapaCaca
3 – Cuepli Squatty Potty One Night Wonder
4 – Beer MeMe DOMS
5 – Cuepli Just Brian Just Mei
6 – Beer Slippery Digit Weapon of Ass Destruction
7 – Beer FRwC Just Natalia
8 – Beer Stogie HMHW
9 – Beer Facial Smoking Cock
10 – Beer Keys to the Treasure 00Semen
11 – Beer Shamcock LIDU
12 – Cuepli ButtBugger Just Karen
13 – Beer Just Nick Just Carl

BerZuBa 2016

Bern-Zurich-Basel Halloween Weekend 2016




For information and to register, visit

Fall/Winter 2016/2017

Keep an eye out for updates on our Annual Thanksgiving Hash and Winterfest weekend. And don’t forget to join us for the Greifenseelauf on 17.09.2016!

ZH3 Spring 2015

Hot Hash News

Inner Circles

The official over-achiever award goes to Sticky Fingers for a triple-whammy of laying three trails back-to-back. Yes, that’s right, she hared three times in 7 days and therefore seriously needs to get a life (prompt songmeister).

A month of stupidity…err we mean sobriety

Bravely (some say foolishly) Christian Harlot and Thirty Thursday committed to a month of sobriety in order to raise funds for the upcoming Red Dress Run. Their aim, stay sober for the entire month of June, worked surprisingly well and earned over 650 CHF.

Hash Shit that rocked

We’ve once again been rocking some awesome hash shit over the last few months. For those of you who consumed too much alcohol or are in fact still wasted, here’s a recap:

SOLA Staffette


The racists were out in force for this year’s SOLA Staffette and were lucky enough to be greeted with beer angels at the end of every long, hard leg. We were also blessed with the one singular day of sunshine which fell on the day itself and amazingly nobody was a victim to this little-known phenomenon called “heat”. The funtimes rolled on at the post-sola party… if you search hard someone, somewhere will remember something…surely….

Cupcake Hash


Cheesy Balls outdid himself once again with the Cupcake Hash, not only organizing a stunning and diverse trail, but also littering it with little treasures in the shape of cupcakes (some of which were stolen by the evil witch of the West, Butt Bugger). Though the truth came out rather quickly about the true intentions for this hash, the cupcakes were prepared by a pack of lovely Harrietes. This was all a ruse to force some ladies into Cheesy Balls’ life, that conniving little bastard…. But damn, check out the spoils!

The ‘Scavenger Hunt Not Hash’ Hash

Keys to the Treasure took great liberty with our loosey goosey Sunday Funday Hash and managed to put together the quirky The “Scavenger Hunt Not Hash” Hash. As we all split up into separate motley crews to fulfill various tasks the hash managed to make Zurich feel unsafe/uncomfortable in whole new ways, that ought to count as a success!! Be sure to check out the many pics on the Facebook Group ZH3 Photos for a trip down memory lane, or just to see what you’ve missed out on.

Burns and a Loch Hash


Dog Woody and just Silvie led the pack through a severe accumulation of ground moisture at the Burns and a Loch Hash. All the efforts were for naught though, as not a single Hasher drowned (one poor hash dog came rather close to an early end though). Nevertheless, the rewards were high, as we were greeted by a stunning view of a flooded Greifensee, and an even stunninger view of a Shot Stop circle! Some Hares know how to appease the townfolk wielding pitchforks and swiss army knives.

The Christian Harlot and Thirsty Thursday Challenge

To raise even more money for the Theodora Stiftung Giggle Clowns this year (2016), Christian Harlot and Thirsty Thursday have put themselves up to the ultimate challenge: One month of no beer and no wine!


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Annual Red Dress Charity Run

Annual Red Dress Charity Run

Saturday, July 9, 2016

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”5″ gal_title=”Red Dress 2016″]

This year’s annual Zurich Red Dress Charity Run was held on  9 July 2016 at GZ Hottingen. There was quite an eye-catching city center run, lots of fun, beer, and money raised for the Theodora Stiftung.

Several hashers went the extra mile to help the cause this year. Chirstian Harlot and Thirsty Thursday completed a whole month without alcohol to raise just over 650 CHF and Shamcock scooped up a sweet corporate donation of 1000 CHF. In total, ZH3 raised over 3,000 CHF!


ALL profits of this event were donated to the Giggle Clowns of Stiftung Theodora, who lighten up hospital stays for children with visits from clowns who make them forget their illness and laugh and giggle and smile.

Event website found at

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