I nominate the following Person:
For the following position:
Ice FootsieHash Cash
Weapon of Ass Destruction Grand Master
Smoking CockReligious Advisor
Cavity SearchHare Raiser
Squatty PottyHaberdasher
Christian HarlotHaberdasher
Slippery DigitWeb Slave
weapon of ass destructionGrand Master
cavity searchHare Raiser
canada wetWeb Slave
Slippery Digit Grand Master
Chainsaw Religious Advisor
Christian Harlot Beermeister/raiser
Grab my Sack Web Slave
Cums in CiderHaberdasher
Stick a Dick in it Hare Raiser
Dog WoodyBeermeister/raiser
Thirsty ThursdayReligious Advisor
Stick a Dick in itHare Raiser
Grab My SackWeb Slave
Naked&WastedReligious Advisor
Cherry PopperBeermeister/raiser
Ice FootsieHash Cash
Cavity SearchHaberdasher
Come in CiderHaberdasher
Premature cocksuckerHash Cash
Thump her insidesReligious Advisor
Grab me by the pussyReligious Advisor
Facial discrimination Grand Master
Virgin hunterHaberdasher
Virgin hunterHash Cash
Keys to the treasureWeb Slave
What cums in Vega....Web Slave
Count flatulaHaberdasher
Ice FootsieGrand Master
Dog WoodyWeb Slave
Thirsty ThursdayReligious Advisor
Dog WoodyHare Raiser
SaddamHare Raiser
SaddamHash Cash
Dog WoodyWeb Slave
Dog WoodyBeermeister/raiser
SaddamReligious Advisor
ChainsawReligious Advisor
Ice Footsie Hash Cash
Slippery DigitHaberdasher
Squatty PottyHare Raiser
Asphalt LiquorBeermeister/raiser
SaddamGrand Master
ChainsawReligious Advisor
Keys to the TreasureWeb Slave
Dog WoodyBeermeister/raiser
What cums in VegaWeb Slave
Facial DiscriminationGrand Master
Slippery digitHash Cash
Likes it down underHaberdasher
Loves It Down UnderHaberdasher
Christian HarlotBeermeister/raiser
SaddamGrand Master
Facial DiscriminationReligious Advisor
Just BrianGrand Master
Just BrianReligious Advisor
Just BrianHare Raiser
Just BrianHash Cash
Just BrianHaberdasher
Just BrianWeb Slave
Just Brian Beermeister/raiser
Flat and EasyReligious Advisor
Grab Me By The PussyReligious Advisor
Slippery DigitHash Cash