February 09-11, in Uster (Zurich)


The time has come again for the Zurich Hash House Harriers to fully embrace the winter, and we invite Hashers from all over to come join us and keep our bodies warm at night for a full weekend hash in the midst of winter! There will be snow (maybe), there will be beer (definitely) and there will be trails, madness, late night parties, early morning regrets and another weekend to never forget!

What will you get out of this? For one, a roof over your head for an entire weekend. We will be staying at the Pfadizentrum Uster (pics, slideshows, german mumbo jumbo under: http://pfadizentrum.ch/ ). For two, food, drinks and parties will be provided throughout the weekend. For three, Winterfest Haberdashery! For four, wait, what else do you need???

Enticed? Fancies have been tickled? Wanting to sign up right away? Not caring about cost? Oh, yes, for a measly CHF 165.00 you too can enjoy this weekend, but do not wait, spots are limited, and pricing goes up as the day of reckoning approaches. Consult the informative table below for pricing information:

Early Bird CHF 165.00 Sign up by Dec 1, 2017 (AND PAY)
Regular Bird CHF 185.00 Sign up by Jan 1, 2018 (AND PAY)
Burned Bird CHF 200.00 Sign up by 2 minutes before Winterfest (AND PAY) / 09.02.2018 @16:58

Sign up under: ZH3 Winterfest 2018 Signup form

Regos count as soon as Payment is received. The deadlines for the different Prices are based on the receipt of the payment, not the day of the signup!

So come out of your cozy corners and join us in Wintery festivities!


Your ZH3 Winterfest 2018 Team!


Who be cummin???

Number Name (natural) Kennel Paid?
1 Wet & Ready Zurich H3
2 Slippery Digit Zurich H3  YES
3 MeMe Bacon Beer & Beaver H3
4  Christian Harlot Zurich H3 YES
5  Squatty Potty Zurich H3  YES
6  Schogginatrix Zurich H3 YES
7  Weapon of Ass Destruction Zurich H3 YES
8  Sticky Fingers Zurich H3 YES
9  Just Geoff undecided YES
10  Miss Fucktober Zurich H3
11  Stogie Gibberish Zurich H3  YES
12 Slot Machine C.R.A.P. H3
13 Just In Beaver Frankfurt H3  YES
14 Big Akula  Prague H3  YES
15 BlowBoe  Prague H3  YES
16 Ice Footsie  Zurich H3 YES
17 Asphalt Liquor  Zurich H3 YES
18 Papakaka  Zurich H3 YES
19 Naked & Wasted  Zurich H3  YES
20 Tall Balls Zurich H3  YES
21 20 Pound Pussy IndyScent HHH  YES
22 Smokin Cock Zurich H3  YES
23  Knicker Elastic Frankfurt HHH  YES
24 Just Chrinchy  Zurich H3 YES
25 Unholy Nipples  Frankfurt H3
26 Black Cock Blocker  Frankfurt H3
27 Flash in the pants Zurich H3 YES
28 Thirst Thursday Zurich H3  YES
29  Cavity Search Zurich H3 YES
30  Just Sean Zurich H3 YES
31  Grab me by the Pussy Zurich H3 YES
32  Just Caroline Zurich H3 YES
33  Just Amanda Zurich H3  YES
34  Rob the Yob  Marlow H3  YES
35  Sausage Lottery Marlow & Guildford H3 YES
36 Chainsaw  Zurich H3 YES