Want to read minutes of mismanagement meetings to feel involved? Go ahead:


Mismanagement Committee Meeting, Tuesday, 21.02.2017

Attendees: Christian Harlot, Slippery Digit, Weapon of Ass Destruction, Squatty Potty, Flat & Easy, Vulva Las Vegas, Asphalt Liquor

Topic: Winterfest


  • MeMe is no longer allowed to hare any Zurich H3 Weekend events due to his fuck up with with Sundays Trail. Chrisitan Harlot will talk to him
  • P&L, CHF 850.00 under budget


      • Saved a lot of money buying food in germany
      • Profit pays for 1000th hash expenditures


  • Lessons Learned


    • Guidelines for weekend events should be created.
    • We need to assign people to cleaning after each dinner
    • Blasimühle venue will never be used again, too cold, heating didn’t work and needed too much maintenance (wooden heating)
    • Organisation needs to start at least 5 months in advance, booking venue 8 months in advance (Papa FKK hat to pick up penis whistles on the day of due to poor penis planning)

Topic: Hash Cash


  • Current Standing


    • CHF 7015.00
    • Winterfest venue still needs to be paid
    • Float of 6k for handover to each future Mismanagment
    • Anything above 6k gets BLOWN on AGM

Topic: Haberdashery


  • FrWC is officially stepping down
  • CH is announcing her step down in the circle, along with the request if anyone wants to take it over


      • If no one takes it, current mismanagement will cover it


  • Stock Take:


      • Most of the non sellable stock has been sold. At least half of the stock that was inherited from FrWC was sold through several Haberdashery Sales
      • Sleeveless womens shirts, rucksacks etc are still in stock, will be pushed again in Spring/Summer
      • Money that has been made with the sale of old stock, has been used to create new designs with long sleves items.
      • Haberdashery Money will continue to be tracked separately from Hash Cash. It counts as a separate entitiy, that money is used directly for new Haberdashery orders.


  • Haring T-Shirts


    • AL will bring her AWESOME designed hare design shirt, SD will take a creepy pic of it and digitize it for future consumption.
    • Hash cash will be used to subsidize the haring shirts.

Topic: SOLA


  • Date: 06.05.2017
  • 2 Teams have been registered under the Hash
  • 10 Regos so far
  • Confirmation: Hash does not subsidize the regos, BUT Hash will subsidize beers for handover and Hash will Subsidize the entire circle.


    • Slippery Digit will organise the drinks for the circle
    • Asphalt Liquor will bring Snacks & Soft Drinks leftover from Winterfest (if still good)
    • Flat and Easy will organise the money collection, and teams for SOLA
    • No slow/fast team differentiation. We do not organise this as running teams, but as a social event! We are NOT a running club.

Topic: Red Dress Run


  • RDR Subcommittee will choose date
  • Subcommittee TBD
  • WnR will be approached if she wants to so subcommittee, if not, approach other


Topic: AGM


  • Date for AGM: 21.09.2017
  • Positions kept as they are


Topic: Summerfest


  • Slippery Digit will talk to Tall Balls about doing summer fest light, possibly in august at his barn


    • Coo Coo Details
    • More CooCoo Details

Topic: Thanksgiving


  • Bäckeranlage will be attempted to book again. they don’t take reservations more than 6 months in advance. Christian Harlot will contact them again 6 months in advance, She has it in her phone, like, with an alarm and shit
  • Subcommittee: To be organised by Christian Harlot, it is promised not to be fucked up


Topic: Horrors Hash


  • CH will talk to Garden Gnome if they want to continue it


Topic: Day Trippers


  • Should we allow Day Trippers to Weekend Events?
  • Bring it up to general meeting as an open discussion. Present the pros and cons to all, and take a general vote on it.


Topic: Drinking (Practice), or better known, as How to drink properly, and not look like a filthy foreigner. Or upon discussion: Strictly Cum Drinking


  • First official “Strictly Cum Drinking” Outstation, as a general discussion and drinking practice, to occur March 7th, 2017. AL to book The Lion.
  • A general Hash Discussion



Mismanagement Committee Meeting, Tuesday, 10.01.2017

Attendees: Christian Harlot, Slippery Digit, Weapon of Ass Destruction, Squatty Potty,

Flat & Easy

Topic: Old Business

 Bierathlon

o P/L – Event cost the Hash CHF 480.00

o Lesson learned: for the regos, set a hard limit of 13 teams next year.

o Event sold out within 2 days, pre-regos are Key to making the event work

o After Party at SD was mostly nude

 1000 th run

o P/L – Event cost the Hash CHF 656.87

o No lessons learned, money spent is duly accepted by all.

 Thanksgiving Hash

o P/L – Profit of CHF 53.00

o Venue “American Womens Club”, poorly reviewed by all. Bad layout, small

kitchen, too fancy (pictures on wall, library right there). Too expensive for

what it is, not hash compatible

o Lessons Learned: Booking for thanksgiving must be done at least 10

months in advance.

o There are still CHF 469.00 outstanding in Payments to hashers who

contributed to thanksgiving. Flat&Easy emailed all the people who need

to get in touch with VLV to get paid back

o No Discount on Food = great decision, repeat next year

 Winterfest 2017

o SD is on top of it

 Sola 2017

o Decision: How many Teams, vote outcome: 2 Teams will be organized by


o Decision on subsidy: Vote outcome: The Hash does not subsidize the

actual registration of the events. Each participant will pay CHF 30.00 to

partake. The Circle, snacks, beers, and beer for finishers at finishing line

will all be paid for by the hash. All Hashers, regardless of SOLA

participation, are able to participate in post finish circle for free.

o SD will get in touch with Saddam over a bottle of 15 of red wine to discuss

organization of teams

 Open Meeting

o Decision: Idea will be shelved, unlikely to drum up enough interest

Topic: Hash Cash

 Bank account is officially transferred to SD

 VLV is a cosigner of the Bank Account

 Paypal: SD has regained access to the account

o Decision: Paypal account will be kept as an alternative payment method

Topic: Web Hosting

 Decision: Move hosting asap to our own hosting account with hostpoint.ch, and

move domain registrar as well

 F&E will do the rego and the technical migration of the wordpress installation

Topic: Haberdashery

 Haring Shirts: Previous decision stands, Hares get shirts on 10, 20, 30, 50, 69,


 Squatty Potty has a list of people who are due a shirt. She will get in touch with

Ice Footsie about the old designs of the Multi Hare hashers. If nothing

reasonable exists, she will get in touch with FRwC for a new design.

 Beads: will be purchased off of FRwC for CHF 200.00

 Long Sleeve Shirts have been ordered to restock

 Shiggy Socks & Beer Gloves need to be sourced (SD will ask FRwC where she

got them)

Topic: Biermeister

 Everything is great


 Filled out until the end of March. No complaints