solaZurich Sola Stafette 2016  (Saturday, May 21, 2016)

Early information and sign up for next year’s Sola. We’ll give priority to anyone who couldn’t get a place in 2015.

The race starts with a ladies stretch 1 at 7:30 (8:00 for the fast team) in the misty Hönggerberg woods. Then runners 2 to 7 head out into Engstringen, up and along the Uetliberg and back into town, finishing at the beautiful University Irchel. The afternoon runners 8-12 start at 12:30 (13:00 fast team). The trail heads through Forch to Egg and comes back to Witikon. 2 short runs from there to the finish at Irchel complete the race. This is the complete route. We meet at tents across the lake from the finish (see the picture for the view from our beer stop).

Runners hand over armbands to the next runners so it’s important to turn up early.

Runners 1, 8 and 13 need to pick up armbands from the organisers.

We entered 3 teams this year. This is the latest list of runners, teams and slaves. Feel free to look and comment if anything should be changed (access has been changed so only organisers update).

A well loved innovation in 2015 was the beer delivery to the runners at the end of their runs. If you’d like to help, please add yourself to the beer slaves list on the team sheet (slaves tab).

The run fee we pay is about CHF30 per runner. If the hash continues to subsidise the cost for you will be less.

Complete details are on the Sola website (in German) and here is a rough guide in English. Ask Saddam for further introductions / explanations.

After the run: we will have a large beer stop by the pond, opposite the finish you see on the picture above. We plan to be up and running by 17:00 and continue with a circle until around 19:00. HELPERS WELCOME, to collect supplies etc. This will cost you CHF5.

We will go and cheer the last runners in from the beer stop.

QUESTIONS: just ask Saddam – 079 570 0266

ON AFTER PARTY: See meetup for details.