**Update 15.12.21**

Due to recently announced indoor and travel restrictions Winterfest 2022 is limited to 30 local CH hashers only. Refunds will be provided for any traveling hashers hailing from afar


The world famous Zurich H3 Winterfest is making its glorious return after a covid induced one year hiatus and 13 years since the very first “Swiss” Winterfest in 2009. If you like to get your freak on in the cold, this is the place to do it!

To celebrate this coming of age story of the Winterfest the organising committee promises the following in various volumes and poor distribution of quality:

  • 3 official trails, plus one for those who don’t mind a frostbitten pecker
  • Absolutely epic home made meals to warm you from the inside
  • All the Beer/Wine/Bubbles/Cider/yellow snow you can drink
  • 1 drunken Friday night party
  • 1 even more drunken Saturday themed night party, Theme: “A Nightmare after Christmas”
  • All the custom haberdashery Swiss money can buy
  • A heated venue for a maximum of 40 people!

How much?
Early Birds: CHF 170.00 Registered AND paid by: Nov 1, 2021
Late Birds: CHF 185.00 Registered AND paid by: Dec 15, 2021
DFL Birds: CHF 200.00 Registered AND paid by: Jan 28, 2022

How can I register?
Using the following link: https://forms.gle/PWTsfB38Yv2ofQZX7

Covid related requirements?
A valid covid certificate will be required for the weekend

What should I bring?
Bedding: A sleeping bag/blanket. The venue provides a pillow and sheets and scratchy wool blanket. Cover your body with what you feel comfortable with.
Drinking Vessel: Something you’re fine consuming liquids out of.
Other important items: A Flashlight/torch to light the way on all nightly outings, a towel, some ear plugs (or other snore suppressors), your preferred hangover cure, AND house shoes.
Things to leave at home: Your dignity, hope, fear of snow(/insert oxford comma) and sobriety

The Winterfest Snowdule

Friday 28 January:
17:00 Registration
19:00 Chalk Talk → R*n
20:00 Extreme warmth provided by an indoor circle
21:31 Dinner!!!
22:17 Saturday Pre-Lube party and games


Saturday 29 January:
09:00-10:00 Breakfast
10:33 Chalk Talk → Winter trail
13:00 Lunch, warmish
14:00 Winterfest 2022 Circle of frozen balls and chiseled nipples!
16:30 Cuddle up with your nearest and dearest or drink a few more beers
19:30 Dinner!!!!
21:00 Winterfest Hash Games followed by Winterfest Party!

Post Dinner Winterfest Party, dance, drink, dance (or stay still), fall over!
Party theme: A nightmare after christmas (Costumes required, unless you’re boring or broke)


Sunday 30 January:
08:30 Breakfast, regret life, count the bruises, don’t look at yourself in the mirror
10:00 Deadline for rooms to be cleared!
10:30 Hangover trail, slow, very slow, and likely shigtastic
12:00 THE final circle
15:00 Bidding of farewells, confrontation with society, time to bugger off

ZH3 Winterfest 2022 Who's Cummin'

 Hash NameHome HashPaid?
1Slippery DigitZurich H3Yes
2Wet&ReadyZürich H3Yes
3Sloppy SecondsZh3Yes
4Canada WetFKKYes
5Thumpher InsideZürichYes
6Cavity SearchZH3Yes
7Asphalt LiquorZH3Yes
9Squatty PottyZurich H3Yes
10Christian HarlotZH3Yes
11Ice FootsieZürichYes
12Miss FucktoberZH3Yes
13David Cop a feelZürich H3Yes
15Just Begging for ItZH3Yes
16Big Dick and FriesZurichYes
17Two boobs too manyZH3Yes
22Smokin' CockZurich H3Yes
23MerylStripBasel H3Yes
24Out of AfricaBasel H3Yes
25Premature Cocksucker & Just MarinaZH3Yes
26Big TopZurichYes
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