Winterfest 2020

7 – 9 February 2020 →  in Kilchberg, ZH

Sign up for the most intimate Winterfest organised by the Zurich Hash House Harriers.

There will be plenty of ice chilled beer, the best laid trails us drunkards can manage, partying madness galore and if we start our weather dance now, there may even be snow!

QUICK: #whocums & #schedule

Where am I going?

Pfadiheim Kilchberg Tüchelhölzli, 
Nidelbadstrasse 50, 
8802 Kilchberg

Arrival by public transport: 

  • Use Google maps
  • Nearest bus stops: Kilchberg ZH, Kirche or Rüschlikon, Säumerstrasse. Both stops are 8mins walk to the venue
  • NOTE: Kilchberg is NOT in zone 110. Make sure you have a 1-2 zone extension

Arrival by car: Use your GPS. Limited parking available near the venue, or off street parking a little further down.

How do I sign up?


Sign up form:

How much does it cost?

CHF 165 : Early bird (up to and including 31 Oct)
CHF 185 : Succulent chicken (up to and including 31 Dec)
CHF 200 : Dried up turkey (until the Winterfest weekend)

Please pay in advance!

Zurich Hash House Harriers

Migros Bank AG, 8010 Zürich
IBAN: CH74 0840 1000 0519 9117 9
Account holder: Zürich Hash House Harriers
Address: Schaffhauserstrasse 35, 8006 Zürich

What should I bring?

Bedding: ​A sleeping bag/blanket and pillow. The venue provides a scratchy wool blanket that is only washed twice a year and no pillows…

Drinking Vessel: ​Something you’re fine consuming liquids out of. 

Other important items:

  • torch/ flashlight
  • towel
  • some ear plugs
  • your preferred hangover cure
  • At least one pair of long running trousers/ leggings unless you like frozen balls
  • house shoes.

Things to leave at home: Your dignity, hope, fear of snow and sobriety. 

Who can I call when I think I fucked up?

Schogginatrix: +41 76 609 75 45  (Primary fuck up resolver)
Squatty Potty: +41 78 681 94 20  (Secondary fuck up resolver)
Climbidia: +41 77 434 2473  (Tertiary fuck up resolver)
Christian Harlot: +41 79 272 6789 (Kitchen Queen)


Friday 7 February:

17:00              Registration

19:00              Chalk Talk → R*n

20:00             Dinner

21:30              Circle

22:30              Saturday Pre-Lube party and games

Saturday 8 February:

09:00              Breakfast

10:15              Chalk Talk → Winter trail

13:00              Lunch in the venue

14:00              Winterfest 2020 Circle

16:30              Shower up you smelly people

17.30              Games/ load yourself up on jello shots

19:30              Dinner!!!!

21:00       Winterfest Party!

Party theme: It’s never too late to have a happy childhood – dress up as your favourite superhero, cartoon character or just put on your best childlike bratish behaviour.

Post Dinner Winterfest Party, dance, drink, dance (or stay still), fall over! 

Sunday 9 February:

09:00              Breakfast, regret life, count the bruises

10:00              Deadline for rooms to be cleared!

10:30              Hangover trail, slow, very slow, and likely shigtastic

12:00              THE final circle

14:00              Lunch

15:00              Bidding of farewells, confrontation with society, time to bugger off

Who’s Cumming?

NumberHash NameHome HashPaid?Hab gear?
3 Butsvanakum Frankfurt YesN/A
4 Belches with Wolves Zh3 YesPaid
5Cherry Popper Zürich H3 YesPaid
6 ¡Łåâáà! Prague H3 YesPaid
7Snow Means NoPrague H3YesPaid
8Cavity SearchZH3YesN/A
9Slippy noStockingsFrankfurtYesPaid
10Canada wetZh3YesPaid
11Just In BeaverFrankfurt H3YesN/A
12Nip Yong CumFrankfurt H3
13Squatty PottyZurich H3YesPaid
14Just One Hard NippleStuttgart HHHYesPaid
15Christian HarlotZurich baby! YesPaid
16Slippery DigitZurich H3YesN/A
1720 Pound Pussy IndyScent HHH YesPaid
182nd Row HookerFrankfurt H3
19 Slippery Edge Amsterdam H3 YesPaid
Asphalt Liquor ZH3YesPaid
21 PapaFKK ZH3YesPaid
22 Cumming incorrectly ZH3YesYes
23 Meme Bacon, Beer, and Beaver H3 Yes
24 2 Flush WSH3 Yes
25 Cums in Cider Zurich YesPaid
26 Sperm Doctor Prague H3 YesPaid
27 Climbidia ZurichYes
28Wet&Ready Zürich H3 YesPaid
29Thirsty ThursdayZH3YesPaid
30Big TopZH3YesPaid
31Miss Fucktober ZH3Yes
32David cop a FeelZH3YesPaid
33Ice FootsieZH3YesPaid
34Sloppy secondsZH3YesPaid
35Smoking cockZurichYes
36Thumpher InsideZH3YesPaid
40Wet Down ThereZH3YesN/A
41Un deux twatZH3YesN/A
42Grab Me By The PussyZH3YesN/A
43Just Beggin’ For ItZurichYesPaid
44HelloKittyFuckerStuttgart H3YesPaid
45Ready 4the ShotStuttgart H3YesPaid
46Just LasseZH3YesPaid
47Stogie GibberishZH3YesPaid
48Drop on Trail/ Grab my sackZH3
49Flash in the PantsZH3YesN/A
50Cunil-Won’t-UsEuropean Wandering Whore H3 N/A

Waiting list

NumberHash NameHome HashPaidHab gear?