Zurich Hash House Harriers

Winterfest 2019

January 25 – 27 2019 →  in Zürich (Zoo)

Where am I going?

PfadihuusZüri.ch, Rolf-Balsiger-Strasse 8, 8044 Zürich

Post-postal address: http://pfadihuuszueri.ch/phz/pfadihuuszueri-ch/umgebung/

Arrival by car: Activate GPS, enter the above address, hope for the best. Parking possibilities are extremely limited and reserved for the Mismanagement. There is public parking somewhere, check out google maps, park at your own peril.

Arrival by public transport: Take any train to Hauptbahnhof Zurich, ZH and then take the Nr 6 Tram to the Zürich, Zoo (stop), walk the rest (there will be a marked trail).

What am I getting?

3 expertly, and one drunkenly laid trail.

3 super, and one naked circle.

3+ warm meals, and one yellow snowball.

All the Glühwein, beer and posh juice you can consume in one weekend.

The chance to compete in some highly competitive and sloshy games.

How do I sign up?

Sign up Form: https://goo.gl/forms/JINFPTBWQDgAbKz12

How much should I pay for this?

Early Bird: CHF 165 (sign up AND pay by Nov 1, 2018)

Thawed Chicken: CHF 180 (sign up AND pay by Jan 1, 2019)

Expired Turkey: CHF 195 (sign up AND pay by the day of Winterfest)

Please pay in advance!

Zurich Hash House Harriers

Migros Bank AG, 8010 Zürich
IBAN: CH74 0840 1000 0519 9117 9
Account holder: Zürich Hash House Harriers

Address: Schaffhauserstrasse 35, 8006 Zürich

Memo, winter fest

What should I bring?

Bedding: A sleeping bag/blanket. The venue provides a pillow and sheets and scratchy wool blanket. Cover your body with what you feel comfortable with.

Drinking Vessel: Something you’re fine consuming liquids out of.

Other important items: A Flashlight/torch to light the way on all nightly outings, a towel, some ear plugs (or other snore suppressors), your preferred hangover cure, AND house shoes.

Things to leave at home: Your dignity, hope, fear of snow(/insert oxford comma) and sobriety.

Who can I call when I think I fucked up?

Slippery Digit: +41 78 783 22 66 (Primary fuck up resolver)

Schogginatrix: +41 76 609 75 45  (Secondary fuck up resolver)


Friday 25 January:

17:00         Registration

19:00         Chalk Talk → R*n

20:00         Extreme warmth provided by an indoor circle

21:31         Dinner!!!

22:17        Saturday Pre-Lube party and games

Saturday 26 January:

09:00-10:00    Breakfast

10:33         Chalk Talk → Winter trail

13:00        Lunch, warmish

14:00         Winterfest 2018 Circle of frozen balls and chiseled nipples!

16:30         Winter Hash Games

19:30         Dinner!!!!

Post Dinner Winterfest Party, dance, drink, dance (or stay still), fall over!

Party theme: Anything goes, unleash your inner arctic beast! (Costumes required, unless you’re boring or broke)

Sunday 27 January:

08:30         Breakfast, regret life, count the bruises, don’t look at yourself in the mirror

10:00         Deadline for rooms to be cleared!

10:30         Hangover trail, slow, very slow, and likely shigtastic

12:00         THE final circle

15:00        Bidding of farewells, confrontation with society, time to bugger off

Who’s Cumming?

Nr. Hasher Home Kennel Paid?
1 Christian Harlot Zurich H3 YES
2 Vulva las Vegas Zurich H3 YES
3 Thirsty Thursday Zurich H3 YES
4 Sticky Fingers Zurich H3 YES
5 Weapons of Ass Destruction Zurich H3 YES
6 Naked and Wasted Zurich H3 YES
7 Schogginatrix Zurich H3 YES
8 Cavity Search Zurich H3 YES
9 Squatty Potty Zurich H3 YES
10 Climbidia Zurich H3 YES
11 Ice Footsie Zurich H3 YES
12 Dog Woody Zurich H3 YES
13 Grab me by the Pussy Zurich H3 YES
14 Un Deux Twat Zurich H3 YES
15 Just Crinchy Zurich H3 YES
16 Cum in Cider Zurich H3 YES
17 Slippery Digit Zurich H3 YES
18 Asphalt Liquor Zurich H3 YES
19 Papacaca Zurich H3 YES
20 David Cop a Feel Zurich H3 YES
21 Cherry Popper Zurich H3 YES
22 Wet&Ready Zurich H3 YES
23 Putin My Sister Sembach H3 YES
24 20 Pound Pussy IndyScent HHH YES
25 Leg-O My Mom Sembach H3 YES
26 Easily Satisfied Sembach H3 YES
27 Quicky in the Woods Zurich H3 YES
28 Premature Cocksucker Zurich H3 YES
29 Just Marina Zurich H3 YES
30 Fishy Hooker Zurich H3 YES
31 Just Zach Sembach H3 YES
32 Just Elias Zurich H3 YES
33 Just Made Zurich H3 YES
34 Just in Beaver Frankfurt H3 YES
35 Smokin Cock Zurich H3 YES
36 Just Jakub Zurich H3 YES
37 Grab My Sack/Drops on Trail Zurich H3 YES
38 Cunil-Wont+Us Bahrain H3  
39 Shalom Kitty Shekou H3