Case number: 1120
Date and place of the accident: 26.04.2018 in Pizzeria Don Emilio
Diagnosis: Insufficientia materiae nigra
Status presens generalis: Inadequate evaluation of the surroundings. Disoriented, uses random inappropriate words, sings spontaneously.

Anamnesis: States that accident happened around 19 PM in the rural region of Schwamendingen. Remembers becoming spontaneously exhilarated. By the sight of circles suddenly started screaming and running in random directions. Claims to have been looking for a mythical path. No other data could be acquired.

Test results:
Blood tests showed as many as 30 different bacteria with predominance of Sliperococcus digitalis and Spunknicoides simplex. Those two species have a synergistic effect and are believed to cause performing excessive amount of physical activity, loss of orientation and memory.

Treatment – symptomatic: Beerocillin 500UI p.o.; in case of allergy – Bubblomycin p.o. All medicaments to be given in liquid form.

During visitation Patient was talking gibberish, rambling about stellar leggings and sex toys.

Visitation had to be kept short, because of the raging of patients next door. Actually clinical examination was rudely interrupted by another patient who seemed to have an obsessive disorder screaming one and the same word over and over again. As no further communication was possible and he resisted any attempts to be taken out, he was eventually left on his own.

Further examination and supervision is required.

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