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Corona Update


In light of the new restrictions on gatherings put in place by the BAG, there is now a limit of 15 people per hash. We are working on ways to allow more people to participate, but for the present please make use of the waiting list. Please only sign up if you are sure you are attending and sign out if you cannot attend for any reason.

If you join the waitlist please check back regularly to see if you have been bumped up as meetup does this silently.

We are afraid that we cannot welcome first-time hashers or circle-only participants for the time being. Please update your attendance if this applies to you or if you are not able to join for any other reason. Hopefully we’ll see you all when the restrictions ease!

Your mismanagement committee

ZH3 AGM 2020 Results

Say Hello to the new Mis-Management Committee 2020-21:

GM: Ice Footsie

RA: Grab my Sack

Beer Raiser: Just begging for it

Haberdashers: SADII and One Night Wonder

Hash cash: Big Top

Web Slave: The Amazing Canada Wet.

Lets hope they do better than the last lot 😉

Annual General Meeting 2020

When: Thursday, 01 October, 2o2o
What: It’s that time of year again! Time to vote on the next Mismanagement team! 
Why: Be part of the reflections of our past, and take part in the longest running experiment of true democrazy, the formation of a new organising committee for the coming Year of 2020-2021 of the Zurich Hash House Harriers. 

Please see the sub pages for:

See you at the AGM!

Corona Update 2.0

The Hash is back!

Following the Swiss government’s decision to ban group meetings, we are forced to cancel upcoming hashes until at least the 19th of April, and likely for longer until the situation improves dramatically.

The hash mismanagement committee wishes all good health and fortunes in these unusual times.

Mismanagement Committee 2019-2020

Say Hello to the new Mis-Management Committee:

GM: Slippery Digit

RA: Asphalt Liquor

Beer Raiser: Canada Wet

Haberdashers: Christian Harlot and Schogginatrix

Hash cash: Cumming Incorrectly

Web Slave: Grab My Sack

Thanksgiving 2019

ZH3 Hash – Thanksgiving

Saturday, November 23, 2019

There will be a charge for the run and dinner. Dinner to follow after circle

Regular 5 CHF hash cash for the run,

The cost for Thanksgiving dinner:

  • 30 CHF for Adults,
  • 20 CHF for under 16,
  • 10 CHF for kids under 10.

Please sign up here: (sold out)

Location: Schuetzenstube Uster,  Switzerland

Please pay in advance!

Zurich Hash House Harriers

Migros Bank AG, 8010 Zürich
IBAN: CH74 0840 1000 0519 9117 9
Account holder: Zürich Hash House Harriers

Address: Schaffhauserstrasse 35, 8006 Zürich

Memo: ZH3 Thanksgiving 2019


(Yes, this is the same graphic as last year and the year before.)

Annual General Meeting

October 2019

Its that time of year again! Time to vote on the next Mismanagement team!

Please see the sub pages for:

description of positions

Nominations for committee are now closed, but you can still make hash nominations with the below link

Other nominations form

See you at the AGM!

Swiss Nash Hash 2019

Because its never too late to.. yes, it there is a too late to sign up for Swiss Nash Hash, so nice and early, here is the info: http://

The Basics

Who’s hosting: Us of course ZH3

Where: Vordemwald

When: 30.08.2019 – 01.09.2019

See the website above for more details.

2018-2019 AGM Vote results

We can confirm the following hashers as members of mismanagement 2018-2019:

GM: Weapons of Ass Destruction
Hash Cash: Ice Footsie
Haberdashers: Cums in Cider & Christian Harlot
Beer Raiser: Dog Woody

RA: Smokin Cock
Hare Raiser: Stick a Dick in it
Web Slave: Canada Wet

Actual Voting was as follows.

RA:- SC21 GMBTP 12

HR:-SADII 19: Cavity Search 15

Web Slave:- Canada Wet 19:GMS17

2018 – 2019 AGM Nominations

I nominate the following Person:
For the following position:
Ice FootsieHash Cash
Weapon of Ass Destruction Grand Master
Smoking CockReligious Advisor
Cavity SearchHare Raiser
Squatty PottyHaberdasher
Christian HarlotHaberdasher
Slippery DigitWeb Slave
weapon of ass destructionGrand Master
cavity searchHare Raiser
canada wetWeb Slave
Slippery Digit Grand Master
Chainsaw Religious Advisor
Christian Harlot Beermeister/raiser
Grab my Sack Web Slave
Cums in CiderHaberdasher
Stick a Dick in it Hare Raiser
Dog WoodyBeermeister/raiser
Thirsty ThursdayReligious Advisor
Stick a Dick in itHare Raiser
Grab My SackWeb Slave
Naked&WastedReligious Advisor
Cherry PopperBeermeister/raiser
Ice FootsieHash Cash
Cavity SearchHaberdasher
Come in CiderHaberdasher
Premature cocksuckerHash Cash
Thump her insidesReligious Advisor
Grab me by the pussyReligious Advisor
Facial discrimination Grand Master
Virgin hunterHaberdasher
Virgin hunterHash Cash
Keys to the treasureWeb Slave
What cums in Vega....Web Slave
Count flatulaHaberdasher
Ice FootsieGrand Master
Dog WoodyWeb Slave
Thirsty ThursdayReligious Advisor
Dog WoodyHare Raiser
SaddamHare Raiser
SaddamHash Cash
Dog WoodyWeb Slave
Dog WoodyBeermeister/raiser
SaddamReligious Advisor
ChainsawReligious Advisor
Ice Footsie Hash Cash
Slippery DigitHaberdasher
Squatty PottyHare Raiser
Asphalt LiquorBeermeister/raiser
SaddamGrand Master
ChainsawReligious Advisor
Keys to the TreasureWeb Slave
Dog WoodyBeermeister/raiser
What cums in VegaWeb Slave
Facial DiscriminationGrand Master
Slippery digitHash Cash
Likes it down underHaberdasher
Loves It Down UnderHaberdasher
Christian HarlotBeermeister/raiser
SaddamGrand Master
Facial DiscriminationReligious Advisor
Just BrianGrand Master
Just BrianReligious Advisor
Just BrianHare Raiser
Just BrianHash Cash
Just BrianHaberdasher
Just BrianWeb Slave
Just Brian Beermeister/raiser
Flat and EasyReligious Advisor
Grab Me By The PussyReligious Advisor
Slippery DigitHash Cash
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