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Winterfest 2024

Winterfest 2024 is back to cure all that ails you and deliver you back to the right path set by your hedonistic messiahs, your one and only Winterfest Hares!

The Mismanagement has pre-arranged the inoculated conception of not one, but 3 (or more) hares to teach us the purpose of our lives, delivered through scriptures only found at the bottom of an empty bottle. It’s our very mission to deliver to every attendee of this exclusive weekend sojourn as many empty bottles as possible to ensure proper incocktrination.

We promise an entire weekend’s worth of entertainment, delivering the following in various volumes and poor distribution of quality:

  • 3 official trails, plus one for those who don’t mind a frostbitten pecker
  • Absolutely epic home made meals to warm you from the deep inside
  • All the Beer/Wine/Bubbles/Cider/yellow snow/other human fluids you can drink
  • 1 drunken Friday night party
  • 1 even more drunken Saturday party preceded by (TBC) silly games followed by serious dancing
  • All the custom haberdashery Swiss money can buy
  • Dedicated haberdashery for the event (not available for late comers)
  • A heated venue for a maximum of 40 people!

How much?
All the Birds: CHF 180.00 Registered AND paid –> One price fits all!

Payment details!
Migros Bank AG, 8010 Zürich
IBAN: CH74 0840 1000 0519 9117 9
Account holder: Zürich Hash House Harriers
Address: Gloriastrasse 88, 8044 Zürich
Reason for payment: 2024 Winterfest, (your Name, this one is muy importante)

First February weekend, 02-04 Feb, 2024

This year’s venue is the fantastic Pfadiheim Kilchberg, for more infos on the venue check the official website under: Pfadiheim Kilchberg Website

How can I register?
Regos are filling up the following form
Please note that this is a pre-paid and registration necessary full weekend event.

Who’s Cummin?

Read more below to see which fine people are attending.

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Thanksgiving 2023

Organized by Just Sophie and hared by HMHW and Dr NOB, come and celebrate that one time of year it’s perfectly acceptable to walk around in ‘public’ with your pants undone.

The venue is our lovely Bäckeranlage. If you were so drunk the other multiple times we were there, it’s a fun space with plenty of room for us to show off our cooking skills, fill our bellies and hit the dance floor.

So that we are fully prepared, please sign-up and let us know what you can contribute via this form:

This event is limited to max. 40 people!! You are fully registered until you pay.

Pricing for adult (includes snacks, drinks, all you can eat turkey, and maybe sides):

  • 35.- CHF/pp early bird price until October 31st (only bank transfer*)
  • 40.- CHF/pp regular price until November 24th (only bank transfer*)
  • 45.- CHF/pp the day of the event (payment by cash, bank card or twint)

Pricing for kids (includes fatty snacks, alcoholic drinks, greasy meat, and many sweets / candies to keep your dentist happy):

  • 10.- CHF/pp at any time (bank transfer before October 24th and the rest of payment methods the day of the event)

Pricing for run&circle only (boring snacks & drinks only):

  • 5.- CHF

Attendees are requested to please pay in advance by bank transfer to:

Migros Bank AG, 8010 Zürich
IBAN: CH74 0840 1000 0519 9117 9
Account holder: Zürich Hash House Harriers
Address: Gloriastrasse 88, 8044 Zürich
Reason for payment: [NAME] – Thanksgiving Hash 2023

Can’t wait to do the Turkey dance with you! 🦃🪩💃🕺

Meet at 1.45pm to start at 2.00pm.

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